Mission Accomplished: Escape With BRINK Professional Makeover

This past week BRINK partnered with Ford (@Ford_Southeast) and found one lucky winner to receive a professional makeover. From hair, nails and clothing to resume tips - we had our winner covered inside and out. The winner had the luxury of having Team BRINK pick her up and drive her around to various R&R experiences in a brand new 2013 Ford Escape. The contest was held on BRINK's Instagram and we called it, wait for it, "Escape With BRINK!"

Hello luvah! And so it begins - with EcoBoost power!

Besides being fuel efficient and easy to handle, the 2013 Escape exceeded our expectations with the many amenities and qualities of a vehicle that just made life easier. Rear view camera made backing into a parking space a dream and an alert when getting too close to another vehicle put our driving minds at ease – not to mention our makeover winner!

Our day began with picking up our Escape With BRINK winner at her residence in Orlando, FL. Carly, our winner, was excited and ready for her day!

Hi Carly!

We made a quick initial stop at Starbucks and drove over to The Spa for an hour of pampering.

Control-a-palooza! Makes life easy. Two words. Touch screen.

Carly received a mani/pedi with a special add on. The Spa itself was a beautiful establishment with friendly and courteous customer service.  From start to finish, the staff at The Spa was a customer service dream and we even got a tour of the facility.  From sauna and Jacuzzi to dermological facials and mani/pedi specials, whatever kind of relaxing you need – The Spa is for you. Words to describe The Spa would be attentive, customized and impeccable. With Carly’s nails looking like a smooth autumn night we knew it was time to get in our Escape and make our way to our next stop – lunch!

Phase 1, complete!

We headed to Stardust Coffee, a great little eatery with healthy food options. In between bites of salads and sandwiches, BRINK Copy Editor Jackie Carr, assisted Carly with her resume. Jackie offered tips on objectives, power verbs in bullet points and overall structure. She even spoke on some of those resume taboo topics – one page or two? One. We looked at the clock and we realized we were soon running late for a very important date – with Honey Comb Salon! Off to the Escape!

We're coming in Honey Comb!

We hopped out of our BRINK mobile and sashayed into Honey Comb Salon. We are big fans of Honey Comb. They use natural products with no GMOs, have super fair rates and cut a phenomenal head of hair. Carly’s stylist for the day, Mychael, looked over the suggestions that Carly had brought with her for hair inspiration. Honeycomb owner Samantha looked on and offered input and then the process began. The very long process of hair. I had no idea. Back to Carly. Carly got a beautiful ombre color tone and a gorgeous cleaned up cut. Mychael was so great with Carly, he thoroughly explained the process as it went on and how she should treat and handle her hair. Words to describe the Honey Comb experience would be communication, detail-oriented and dedicated.

Hair. Check! Outfit? Next!

After Honey Comb we walked over to Orlando vintage clothing staple Etoile Boutique. Pronounced E-Twah. Etoile had been around for a very long time (in Orlando years), has great items and looks like a fun time inside with vintage treasures and accessories. Grisel, owner at Etoile, was Carly’s Style Consult and outfitted her with three different looks. Carly got to choose one and opted for a simple black dress with a studded and shortened cardi.  Grisel was great with Carly and explained why each of the three outfits could work and was playing an integral part of finding Carly pieces that could go from work to the club! I don’t know if Carly is a club girl, but that’s where she could go. If she wanted to. Words to describe the Etoile experience would be involved, collaboration and knowledge.

This is Carly's outfit from Etoile! Not the leggings though.

We hopped in our Escape, put the sun roof back and cruised over to Park Ave in Winter Park to pick up one more outfit. 

We pulled up to Thread Boutique and parked our sweet ride without hitting one vehicle thanks to the rearview camera. We found a couple great pieces in Thread and Carly put a gorgeous mustard color blouse and fabulous green dress in her shopping bag. Words to describe Thread would be selection, variety and quality (garments). We snapped some final pics of Carly and made our way back to her house to bid her adieu.

We dropped Carly off and tears were flowing. Kidding.

When a sunroof is open, this picture needs to happen.

But our winner was so gracious and sincere that it really reinstated the fact that this makeover was a huge success. We soon had to say goodbye to our other new friend, our 2013 Ford Escape (you said you would call, you said you wouldn’t leave me, you said….wait, wrong situation).

Rock it Carly!

We put the sun roof back one last time. We rolled down all the windows. We caressed the eco lining of the vehicle and said our final goodbyes. Oh sunset, you had to happen right now, didn’t you? We cranked some T-Swift and cruised through downtown Maitland, FL like a trio of ex-dancers and singers from Paula Abduls “My Love is For Real.” What is for real is the great time all of us had during our #EscapeWithBRINK. We hope Carly left feeling refreshed, pampered and ready to take on the world. Who run the world? _____________ <--- (your name goes there.)!


Editor in Chief

Thank you to the following:

Ford Southeast

The Spa

2626 Edgewater Drive  Orlando, FL 32804

(407) 898-7737

Honey Comb Salon and Makeup

2406 E. Robinson St. Orlando Florida 32803

407-421-8689  Ask for Sam

Etoile Boutique

2424 East Robinson Street  Orlando, FL 32803

407) 895-6363

Thread Boutique