HP MagCloud Interviews BRINK Founder and EIC

A couple months ago BRINK founder and EIC, Kyle M Menard (moi), was interviewed by the fine folks at HP MagCloud. The interview has been posted and we hope you find some encouragement from the words! Here's a snippet, but read the rest here.

MagCloud: How did BRINK come about?

Kyle Menard: I’m just a huge fan of magazines and wanted to create a magazine of my own. So I put all my ideas together and named the magazine BRINK – because it’s always exciting to be on the cusp of something new, whatever that might be.

BRINK celebrates entrepreneurs and shares their stories and the lessons they’ve learned along the way. We feature entrepreneurs in the realm of entertainment, fashion, human interest and pop culture – everyone from indie musicians and actors to designers and artists – people who’ve quit their day jobs to live their dreams. We hope these stories inspire future entrepreneurs to create their own paths to success.

Kyle M.

Founding Editor