Letter from the Editor, October/November 2012

It's that time of year to hunker down with a pumpkin spice latte, watch the leaves change, and curl up with the latest edition of BRINK Magazine! Although no leaves are changing where I sit and write this Ed Letter, there is some change in the new issue of BRINK. The very talented photographer Betsy Hansen has joined BRINK as Creative Director. It actually took me some time to fully understand what having a Creative Director really meant and how influential Betsy and her team would be within this issue. You can flip through all the magazines you want, and you can research all the definitions of Creative Director and think that you might know exactly what a Creative Director is in for with that role, however, it's only when you're really submerged in the process that it occurs to you just how much power the Creative Director obtains. Betsy has overhauled departments and given the magazine a clean, easy-to-read feel. Please let me know what you think of the new layout, look and feel of the magazine. The thing about working in a team is that sometimes things are not 'yes' or 'no' and that you can bounce ideas from one another until it feels right; which leads me to the next point: being 'in the middle.'

Working with new members of a team can be an interesting change. In life and in the workplace, my philosophy is why does it have to be 'this or that?' Why does it have to be 'one way or the other' or 'black or white' -- can it just be grey? Can we be in the middle? Recently, I had a couple people involved with BRINK email me wanting definitive answers in an effort to give them validation of where they stood within the context of the magazine. And my response to them was that we are in the middle. What's so wrong with the middle? That's what BRINK is ultimately about: being in the middle. We're bridging the gap between 'how do I do that?' and 'I can do that too.' 

This issue is packed with people who are doing things, and one of them just happens to be our cover star Ed Sheeran. Ed has been everywhere. We first noticed Ed at the top of the iTunes chart with his debut US album +. I thought, 'who is this guy, and why do I not know more about him?'  Then, watching the closing ceremonies, I spot Ed take the stage singing Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here. Coincidence? Soon after, Taylor Swift enters her Google+ Hangout and conversation soon turns to Ed and how he's working with Taylor in an upcoming duet. Now, Ed's track, The A-Team is climbing the charts and is one of the most added songs at radio. Ed Sheeren is the epitome of BRINK -- a talent that is mapping out the blueprint for your success from the path he has paved. In a world of dance music and auto tune, Ed stands out as a singer-songwriter who is a true original and has worked hard for this life. 

Beyond Ed, pages are mixed up with fresh features of people making things happens - from blogs to e-commerce that gives back - be sure to check it all out. Until next time readers.

Thanks and Enjoy!