Retromended Vintage

We were to be a part of one of Yelp’s Passport to Ivanhoe Village nights in Orlando, Florida, but due that damn Sandy (Hurricane) the event got canceled. The event was to take place at Retromended Vintage, a new vintage shop that opened mid-summer.  A few weeks later, we made amends (pun intended) and made our way to Retromended to check it out. So glad we did.

We (Copy Editor Jackie Carr and myself) walked in and were immediately excited about what we were witnessing. Not only was the store jam packed with bright vintage apparel for men and women, but it was DIY central. From the price tags to the fixtures and even the owners desk/register was a DIY delight.

The counter is a transformed mechanics work station. Brills.

First, a little background. Retromended owner, Brandy, opened her store a couple months back, but has an Etsy shop that has been operating for over a year now. She sells men’s and women’s apparel and also has tons of accessories. Hats, jewelry, shoes, boots – you name it, she’s got it. We asked her why the brick and mortar now and she said it was just the right time. She also stated that the growing city of Orlando could use another apparel store. The more the merrier, let’s get some variety up in here!

When we spoke about all the DIY in the shop, she mentioned that her family was a huge part in helping her put it together. Her sister’s boyfriend, her mom, and so on were an integral part of piecing together the shop. Here’s what we’re talking about:

This fixture to display jewelry, yeah, it’s a headboard! Brills.

Table legs hold accessories. The table legs are hung by a simple string on a nail. So simple, but brills again.

You’ve seen this a thousand times on Pinterest, but in person, not so much. Until now!

Another great idea. She scooped up all these slides and used them for price tags. Business brills. The slide I looked through had a family of three posing, off center, and looked unhappy. How un-70’s!

She had great vignettes all around the shop.

So cute.

Did she paint this typewriter and mess with the keys? We didn’t ask, but we like it!

We entered Retromended like a tornado going through Kansas, but left like the calm after the storm. We were super impressed at Brandy’s store, her ideas and her business. Check out Retromended at 1231A N. Orange Ave. Orlando, Florida and on Facebook.