Dec 2012/Jan 2013 Issue Inspirations

Dearest readers,

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and are spending time with ones you love and have fun with as opposed to frustration in long lines with people you do not know.

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Actually from Walmart 11/23/12.

It's been a minute and perhaps too long. Why the wait you ask? "Kyle, why the wait, we're asking." Well, we're putting together the final touches of the next issue out Monday 12/3! Want a preview?

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Not so much.

Not so fast. Seriously, here's what I can tell you. Our cover star is the wonderfully inspiring Diana Hardeman of Milkmade Ice Cream. Milkmade is an ice cream subscription service in New York City. This ain't no Friendly's ice cream - we're talking authentic, legit ice cream made form scratch with flavors like "Blueberry Buckle" and "Salted Caramel." So how did BRINK find Milkmade and how did this start?

Click the above for more info on Milkmade.

We first discovered Milkmade on a hunt for subscription services for a special issue we were going to do. The issue was going to be all subscription services and their rise in eCommerce. We decided to go another way, but also decided to split everything up (that we were featuring) over the course of a few issues. I personally ordered Milkmade for my BFF Katie Bassham (who frequently contributes to BRINK) who resides in NYC and it worked out so well. 



I visited my dear friend Katie some months later at her home in Lower East Side and it just so happens she got a delivery of Milkmade 'scream! We dined, yes dined, on Blueberry Buckle Ice cream.


This is a close reenactment of myself and Katie.

The whole package presentation was so nice. In my initial email to Milkmade I told them about BRINK and how I would love to feature them. Through the course of a few emails, here we are!

Next we also have Everlane. An apparel company that cuts out the middle man to give you a super low cost for apparel. We also have Sandy Machado who sells items on Seriously, have you ever thought, "how do you sell something on Fab?" - Sandy gives you the play by play. We have a great designer editorial and music review with an emerging DJ who just so happens to be spinning at Lourdes Leon's (if you don't know who that is...SHAME) party right now.


So be sure to check out the NEW issue arriving Monday, December 3rd!I made this for you to help you remember. Very cutting edge typography.


With all that said I would also like to share inspirations for this issue. Music was Lana Del Ray, Bruno Mars, Christina Aguilera, Duke Ellington and Dido. Inspired by very clean lines and space (for a winter feel) for all 40 pages. This issue has the most consistent feel of any past issue - entrepreneurs on the rise. Perfect timing for our Feb/March 2013 issue, the annual movers and shakers issue. Share any entrepreneurs that you think need to be selected for our 3rd annual movers and shakers issue.

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Tata for now,

Kyle Menard / EIC