happygolucky Creations

We received the sweetest Christmas cards yesterday. Web designer Elizabeth Farmer recently launched her greeting card business (happygolucky Creations) and shared some of her creations with us. Elizabeth creates greeting cards all on her own, from conception to design and they are soooo cute. Like, really really cute.

When we got to our trusty PO Box, we peeked inside and saw a manila envelope waiting to be unwrapped.

Oh hello trusty P.O. Box.

Unknowing what I was about to see, I opened the package with anticipation and excitement. Lo and behold, cards from happygolucky Creations were inside.

Sweet little sampling and branding

A sweet little card address to Team BRINK and then a sampling of her Christmas cards were tightly and beautifully packaged inside this envelope of joy.  As you might be able to tell, I am still at the post office taking these "quality" pictures.

Aw, this note to BRINK was sweet. For BRINK's eyes only! Move on...

The thing that pushed it over the edge was that she customized the Christmas cards from BRINK, so we can send these out to our readers. Customized people, customized. That takes time, energy, focus and effort. Designing the cards is one thing, but then adding that detail is another. We love this for two reasons.

I mean, really, sold.

1. It gives us the opportunity to expand our reach and thank those who have supported BRINK with well wishes.

2. It's brilliant for her business. BRINK has readers and clients worldwide and we're going to ship her cards everywhere. From Silicon Valley to Singapore.

Enjoy the cards and be sure to check out her site and order up. Find out info here on brinkmagonline.com. If not for this holiday season, order now and keep them for next season.

Happy holidays!