Let's Be In The Middle, Sometimes.

Hello readers!

Editor Kyle here chatting about being in "the middle." Now, I'm not talking about a heated discussion between voting for Obama or Romney and you're voting for Anderson. I'm not talking about sleeping with who ever you sleep with and your adorable little lab sleeps between the both of your REM deprived lifeless bodies.

I'm not talking about that weird move with Stephan Baldwin.

And I'm not talking about that ABC show with that kid named Brick. Why do I want to caps "BRICK." BRINK. BRICK.

What I am talking about is gray matter. Neither here nor there. Maybe so or Maybe not. I'm talking about being impartial. What's so bad about being impartial? This is a note about being impartial. I have a couple examples, here we go.

Recently, I got an email from a writer (for BRINK) and I won't bring up the name or too much from the email, but my takeaway from the email was that they were signing off from writing for the magazine because they felt they were being "removed" by me. MOI? Restructuring occurred, yes. Progression happened, yes. But, removed, no. If there are assignments available, I personally reach out to writers to gauge their interest. I also prefer to personally get to know the writers a bit so I can discover if they will have passion for an assignment they are potentially...assigned to. Here's what. Can't we be in the middle? Couldn't it be a delightful working relationship in the middle where we keep communication open?

Another example you ask - sure! As a media outlet, we get invited to events and we love to go to your events. We love to spread the social good and increase your brand health whilst stretching our social media legs. That was a great sentence, feel free to snag some of those terms. There was one particular event we were invited to twice. We had to decline due to prior commitments and overall man-power to attend said event. With a delightful response and encouragement towards the event, we declined. Soon after, a third party (who is a total delight) reached out in regards to some business and also mentioned the aforementioned event. They went on to mention that we never got back to them (we did, twice) and was just checking in. Here's what. Can't we be in the middle? Maybe we missed the first two, but we'll make the next two? Maybe, maybe not.

On the flip side, perhaps we don't want to be in "the middle" because we want to be included or not included. We want that validation. To be seen, to be heard and we just want that inclusion or even that exclusion. Maybe that's just human nature and that's how we all operate. When we buy a product, we fully buy it (unless you get buyers remorse) and keep it and love it. We don't get wishy-washy about buying Taylor Swift's next album. We're never ever, like ever, getting wish-washy about that album (couldn't resist).

So, what is the point of this blog post? The point is, let's be in the middle sometimes. I think in life, we are at the point where no one has "time." Everyone is multitasking and doing different things. We get over-committed, overworked and overrun. Let's just get cozy together in the middle sometimes. Does a definitive answer need to be bursting at every seam? BRINK is in fact, "in the middle." Our features focus on entrepreneurs and talents that are on their way to breaking big. Their paving the path and inspiring others, but also have some room to grow.


Editor in Chief