Meet Kayla! New BRINK Intern Extraordinaire.

Hey, everyone!

I’m Kayla Hernandez, a junior Journalism major at the University of Central Florida. I’ve been in love with fashion ever since I can remember, but it was only seven years ago that I realized it was fashion journalism that I wanted to make my career.

Once I realized that, I began pursuing my career. It started with subscribing to every fashion magazine I could afford, making collages, and displaying fashion advertisements (which in retrospect was a bad idea, because they were very annoying to peel off my walls). From there I began blogging as well as integrating my love for fashion into every social media I was a part of.

In college, I have interned at a few publications as well as written more articles on the subject than I could ever keep track of. I have yet to get bored of magazines. I still read them cover to cover the second I get them in the mail and waste a lot of money buying ones I am not subscribed to when I spot them at the grocery store.

This year, I have even fallen in love with the center of fashion itself: New York City. I visited it for the first time in November, and I have not gotten it out of my head since. The people there inspire me. It is the most creative and unique place I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. I hope to move there some day, so that I can be challenged and pushed everyday by the city that never sleeps.

Until I get there, I plan on soaking up as much information about the industry as I can, and I am more than excited to do that at BRINK this semester. I fell in love with the publication last year, and can’t wait to learn more while I’m here!

- Kayla