Becoming a Phone Interviewing Professional

Becoming a phone interviewing professional

If you’ve read my first blog about my first foray into phone interviews you probably wouldn’t believe me when I tell you that not only have I become accustomed to phone interviewing but that I actually do enjoy it! For the newest edition of BRINK, I did not one but two phone interviews and here are some of the things that I’ve learned from them!

First and foremost, it is NEVER a good idea to over think anything. This obviously doesn’t just go for the phone interviews but pretty much in every area of your life…don’t over think things. It’s bad news. Before you actually conduct a phone interview…or any interview, it is always a good idea to start by researching the person you’ll be talking to. Sometimes, if you look to into the celebrity’s experiences and the awesome things that they’ve done, you might get a little bit intimidated and become super closed off and completely change the tone for the interview. I learned this the somewhat difficult way. when doing my first phone interview, I got so caught up in all of the cool things the actor had done and all of the awesome people that he had worked with that I was really focused on trying to keep my cool for parts of the interview that I sounded mildly awkward. As I continued  to conduct phone interviews, I learned that I will definitely not sound ‘cool’ if I’m focused on actually keeping my cool but if I just glance at my questions and go with the flow the interview will flow much more smoothly.

Second, celebrities are people too! Maybe not all of them (…Miley Cyrus) but the ones that I have interviewed definitely are! If you talk to them like they are holier than thou they won’t respond well and your interview will just sound and read very awkwardly. I found that the best thing to do was pretend like you were talking to a friend that you haven’t spoken to in a while. You know, that kind of friend that when you talk to them you’re instantaneously best friends again…that works! That worked extremely well for the second interview I did for this issue with Jacqueline M. Wood! I just got on the phone with her and I genuinely felt like we hit it off, if she wasn’t famous I’m sure we’d be BFFs! When doing my first interview, with Aaron Yoo, we chatted away for almost an hour and a half! Definitely like catching up with an old friend. Also, if the celebrity feels comfortable with you, they are more likely to tell you more personal stories and that’s exactly what you want!

The third and most cliché tip that I can give is to be yourself! Yeah, I know, how lame is that? But, it works! I believe that if the celebrity can see that you’re being yourself and you’re comfortable and confident in what you’re doing, you both will have a much more fun time during the interview. If they feel like you’re trying to impress them or whatever, you’ll most likely have a super awkward chat and you’ll be sweating balls and really uncomfortable the whole time. Don’t do that. Just be yourself…and hey, if that fails just think that they’re famous and you will most likely never have to have contact with them again.

Happy interviewing!

Until Next Time,

Arielle Ozery