Letter from the Editor - November/December 2013

There comes a time when all good things must come to an end. However, this might not be the right time. Rather than an end, how about an intermission. Right now, in this moment, this will be the last issue of BRINK. I won’t say forever, because forever feels too long. I won’t say forever, because I can’t imagine letting something I create fade away into the background of life. I won’t say forever, because this publication was meant to be a guide book, for you. A guide book with stories and imagery that inspires you and motivates you to be the best you can be and achieve anything you want. Because we can do anything we want. 

Doing anything we want is why I won’t say goodbye. This magazine, under my direction, doesn’t need to say goodbye. So we’ll take this intermission with ease, hope and a little bit of triumph. But why the intermission, right? The magazine has been treading water financially since inception and without having viable backers or advertisers to ensure we continue our efforts, the risk to stall is minimal. The partnerships I’ve nurtured and massaged over the past years are the ones with the greatest risk. The teeny-tiny staff at BRINK donate their time and contributions and in some rare cases receive a small financial token to keep motivation strong though each publication. But with such a small token, I would like to think that what really keeps this team coming back is passion.

When I first started this magazine, I said every issue will have passion. And that’s exactly what has been delivered. From entrepreneurs like Tammy Jo Fashion to movie stars like Alexa Vega, we’ve learned why they do what they do and how they keep moving ahead. With photo journals that encapsulate sexy, glossy, style spreads to photo journals that encapsulate raw, gritty, real world events, we’ve given these photographers a platform to share their work. From India to Australia to the United Kingdom to the United States, we’ve featured some of the great unknown and undiscovered talent. You, the fans of BRINK, have continued to submit, say positive things and comment on social media. And that’s what keeps it going.

The one thing I’ve discovered in the past four years, doing this magazine, has one common theme. Every person I speak to, every email received, every photo shoot executed has one similarity. To quote Oprah on her last episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show, “They all wanted validation. They want to know: ‘Do you see me? Do you hear me? Does what I say mean anything to you?’”. In some form or another, it never needs to be direct and it never needs to be indirect, but everyone has wanted to be seen. And this is coming from a guy that puts a brave face on, but is relatively insecure. But what I want to tell you, through the good, through the bad, through it all – I have seen everything you’ve done. I’ve seen every email. I’ve read every email. If you submitted to the magazine, I’ve kept up with your every move. If you’ve bought the magazine and follow us on social media, I’ve checked out what you’re up to today. I see you.

I’ve had two instances in my life, that I can clearly remember, when someone told me not to be myself. One was when I was a College Representative for Warner Music and at the end of my contract I told my manager I might want to work in LA (currently living in Florida) and she told me, “well you can’t do that unless you live here [in LA].” And she wouldn’t hear another word. And, another time, I was applying for a job and on my second interview, the recruiter said, “Some advice, tone down your personality and try not to laugh so much.” Those two things crushed my spirit, but you know what, in the long run, I’m better off without either one of them. Because if I had stayed with one of those opportunities, I wouldn’t be here today to tell all the BRINK online readers, iPad readers and print readers that you can do anything you want.

I don’t need to tell you about this issue of BRINK you hold in your hands, you’ll see soon enough. But I do believe that it’s our strongest issue to date. The most stories, the most imagery and the highest spirit ever in the pages of this publication. Check out our features with Nick Wechsler from ABC”s “Revenge.” Shot in LA by Jared Kocker and story by McManus Woodend. Look into our holiday guide curated by Taissa Rebroff and features ten bloggers and their favorite gifts. Taissa came up with this idea and I love it so much because I always think of BRINK as a collaboration between us and readers. Look into our photo journals and note the names that executed these features. All the names in this publication are of people that are leaders. And they might not even know it. I’ve held on to some of these people for so long, because I believe in every single thing they do. I believe in their words, I believe in their foundation and I believe in what they do. With that said, enjoy our fourth anniversary issue.

As for me, what I am going to do with this time? I’m going to go for a very long hike.  But before I do, remember:

Be human. Do your best. Never settle. Do you.

Kyle M Menard
Editor in Chief