Time of her Life: Jacqueline M. Wood (Uncut Version)

Interview by Arielle Ozery

The original version of this story is in our November/December 2013 issue, here.

From partying on Roberto Cavalli’s yacht to partying in the most lavish, VIP places all around the world, Jacqueline M. Wood is certainly living the dream, and she knows it! In her newest E! series, Party On, Jacqui takes us along on her adventures behind the velvet ropes of some of the world’s most famous party spots. I got the chance to chat with Jacqui, and she gave us a little sneak peek of what we’ll see when Party On premieres this December!

Arielle Ozery: Hi! How are you?

Jacqueline M. Wood: Very well, how are you doing?

I’m good!


Okay, so you wanna just jump right into it?

Yeah, sure! Whatever you would like.

Perfect! Sounds good to me! First off, congratulations on landing this awesome job with E!

Thank you so much!

You’re welcome! It’s so cool!

Yeah, yeah, I was ecstatic when I found out because obviously I was a huge fan of “Wild On.” Knowing they were kind of revamping it and switching it up and calling it “Party On,” I was ecstatic!

That’s awesome! Can you tell me a little bit about what you went through to get the job?

Well, I was approached a few months ago about “Wild On,” and I got a phone call from my agent who said they were revamping “Wild On,” and they want to take a meeting with you, and I immediately wanted to jump on board. And I met with the people over at the E! network, and, you know, it was one of those things where we kind of hit it off. I loved where the show was going, what their ideas for the show were, you know, traveling to each country, each city for 48 hours and, you know, seeing what kind of mischief I could get up to.


[laughs] So, you know, it was more myself — obviously I’m a traveler — I’m very spontaneous. I can — in a heartbeat — just pick up and go. I can easily go by myself; I can go with friends or just go with people I just met. It’s always been who I am, and that’s always been my lifestyle, so it was something that I wanted to do, and I just thought the ideas of going behind the velvet rope and getting an inside perspective of all these insane beach parties and VIP clubs and spectacular villas and high-end shopping — like, who wouldn’t want to do that?! [laughs]

So, after a few meetings, one thing led to another, and I got the phone call that they wanted me to be the host, and then we just took off and went to Europe! [laughs]

That’s so fun! Is there anything, in specific, that you’re looking forward to with this job?

You mean all the things that I’m looking forward to after or all the things that I’ve done?

The things that you looked forward to with your experience hosting “Party On.”

Well, just to see it come into fruition. I’m really excited to see the show, because, like I said, it is a VIP look inside the clubs, you know. This is like a millionaire’s playground of opulence. Like, all of these places that I’ve gone to — it’s all about luxury, all about money. It’s these billionaires that go to all of these beautiful places around the Mediterranean just to spend money and to do it and be in it and meet these amazing people and go with some of my friends — like Jonathan Cheban — and just go with your friends and meet these people and party on the yachts, it’s fun to know that it comes out on December 5th and that I get to see it. And I think everybody has that feeling when you travel — you always tell yourself and tell your friends ‘wouldn’t this be so great if someone was filming this!?’

Yeah, definitely!

[laughs] Like, ‘what happened last night? God I wish someone was filming this!’ It’s cool to really get to see it come into fruition and really watch the craziness unfold and watch the kind of mischief that I’ve gotten up to. [laughs]

A lot of champagne — I can tell you that! [laughs]

That sounds like so much fun!

Oh, my goodness it was! I couldn’t even tell you the stories — there’s just so many. And each episode is going to have something different. You know, it’s “Party On.” It is the crazy parties, but you also get to see the different sides of these cities and these places like the culture — you get to take in everything.

That’s awesome!

Yeah! It’s what anyone would want to do! Like, if you could just be plopped down, by yourself, in each country, what would you do? If you had, like, endless amounts of money and you were there for 48 hours, what would you do? And you didn’t give a shit, basically.

That’s so cool!


OK, so you’ve been on a bunch of different television shows; how do you think that this hosting job is going to be different from, you know, your role on “The Bold and the Beautiful” or something like that?

Well, I think with this show, like in “The Bold and the Beautiful,” I was playing a character, you know. I was playing a character, like there’s obviously pieces of me within each character, I think all actors do that, but, you know, this is me as Jacqui M. Wood. This is me when I travel. This is what you see is what you get, and this is completely different because it’s not like ‘OK, here’s a script, and you have to memorize this, and here are the lines, you know, cut, take, action.’ This is just me traveling around and letting you know one thing lead to another but you get to see me. You get to see myself, what I do in these moments, what I do when I travel. Like I said, I travel all the time. I jet set all the time, I’ve always done that. I could easily pick up and go. You know, I got a phone call not too long ago, obviously before I was filming, and they said, ‘Hey, do you want to go to the South of France? You gotta leave now,’ and I left within two hours.


Yeah, so it’s that kind of lifestyle that’s always been me. So, I’ve always tweeted about it, you see it on my Instagram pictures throughout the years, but this is what the fans get to see. This is me, this is what I’ve been talking about for so long. You guys get to come along with me and enjoy the ride.

That’s awesome, so this is really just authentic you?

Yeah! You know, obviously everybody has a version to themselves — this is crazy, fun, me! This is me when I’m with my friends. This is me. Absolutely. It’s like anything — it’s like anybody when you’re going to travel, like what are you like when you travel? I’m sure there’s your LA self, your New York self. Like when you travel and go away, everyone exudes something else, you know — the spontaneity, the ‘I’m going to act a little crazier than I usually am.’ This is what us as humans are like when we travel. We’re freaking crazy!

That’s good though!

Yeah! It’s true, because like I said, everyone can watch this and say, ‘These are the things that I would love to do,’ or some can watch and be like, ‘Oh my God I would do that, I’ve been there.’ Yeah, we’ve all kind of been in some kind of these scenarios.

Yeah, definitely [laughs]. Alright, while you were filming, did any guys approach you, and were they any different than American guys?

Yeah, you know, I met a lot of Australians and guys from Spain — everyone is kind of different. Obviously I don’t want to make a general statement of Australian guys, but the guys that I met were all so sweet, and, you know, there was a cutie along the way — I have to say that there were gorgeous guys everywhere, but there’s one guy for like a hot minute — that I was like, ‘Wow, he’s cute, let’s hang out!’ So, that’s what I did. It’s like I met people. Let’s say you basically touch down in Croatia, and I would tweet.


[laughs] Let’s just say! [laughs] I would touchdown in Croatia, and I use social media, and I would tweet out a few things and would get invites from other people, like where to go, what the cool hot spot is, and I end up meeting some people at a local bar and one thing kind of led to another, but I gotta say, the guys that I met were so sweet and so nice. Everyone had that party mode; everyone wanted to party. So you’re definitely going to catch that along the way. You’re going to see the hot guys from all different places: America, Canada, Australia, Spain! You pick, we have it all on “Party on!”

There’s a lot of hot eye candy, I can tell you that! There’s a lot of eye candy in each episode.

That’s great! I’m excited for that one!


OK, well, you’ve been talking about how much fun you have at all the parties and everything, was there one drink that you could say that you loved the most — that you’ve been served?

Oooh God! That’s a good question!

Oh man, hmmmm, one drink. There was a drink, it was earlier on in filming, and it was in Croatia, I wish I could remember the name! Actually, it’s called something with an ‘H,’ and it’s in Ibiza. They say, on the island, because before the raging party animals came to Ibiza there was more of a hippie vibe, and they had this drink that when you would have one sip of it, it would knock your socks off, and people would have it in the morning or at night. They say it’s a cleanse; they say it’s supposed to calm you; it’s good for the soul; it’s good to have before eating, after eating; they basically say just drink it all the time, and it’s supposedly good for you.

It’s an interesting taste. It kind of has that absinthe kind of, you know, the black licorice taste, which I’m not too fond of, but obviously I grew to love it in my time in Ibiza. And, it was good! It kind of feels like it settles your stomach. It was the drink! Every place that I went to, this Catamaran party to before the night clubs to a hotel party, that’s what people were drinking at the beginning. God, I wish I could remember…I mean, if you easily typed in ‘Ibiza drink’ … [laughs]


… like, it would come up on Google!

I’ll do that!

Yes! Definitely.

OK, one of the places you filmed was Mykonos in Greece where the Kardashians recently traveled to. While you were there, did you by any chance put on your Kardashian face and go out and party like they did or were you like, ‘Hell no, I’m not doing any of that’?

[laughs] I’ve watched that episode twice, and it was actually right before I left to Mykonos. Oh, by the way, that drink is called Hierbas — just letting you know!


Like I said, I watched that episode twice, right before I left to Mykonos, and it was on right when I got back from my travels, so it was interesting to get a really good look of what they saw in comparison to what we did and seeing the places that they went. What I did in Mykonos was I basically got off a boat, and I immediately went to a beach club, so there’s obviously no? time to get glammed up — you know, put on the heels. But, it’s more go, go, go, whereas I don’t think I had any spare? time there, but I met people from this one club, Paradise, and from there, they told me to go to this club, and you know, from going onto these crazy speedboats, it was one thing after the next. There was only one moment where I got to go back to my hotel, and I said, ‘OK, take a breather, shower, change and then go again.’ So it wasn’t a lot of lying by the pool and hanging out; it was dinner, drinks, activities and meeting people and going to these great clubs — and, actually, a friend of mine was DJing that night that you’ll get to see. So, it’s great with Twitter and social media because you get to tweet out, and you get to find out who’s there, and it’s always great, you know, you get to meet up with them and that’s what I did. A lot of my friends were actually in town, and I got to meet with them, and they were on the show with me. Going from Namos beach, which is one of the sexiest beaches in Mykonos — it’s like gorgeous guys, gorgeous women, the food’s incredible, all fusion, and it’s right on the beach, which is crystal clear — and you just see all the beautiful yachts that are parked and you just get on a little boat and go to one of the yachts, so it was definitely a nonstop of Mykonos; there wasn’t really a moment to breathe. Which was great! That’s exactly how I wanted to see Mykonos!

That’s so awesome! So you pretty much just immersed yourself into everything that you did! Did you pretty much do the same thing when you went to places like St. Tropez where they have topless beaches? Were you all about that or were you kind of like, ‘No, this is too much for me’?

You know, if it’s a topless beach, I don’t care, I’m not one to judge, you know, obviously I’ve been at a topless beach before. But, in St. Tropez, it was a completely different thing that we did; it was more of the taking in what the rich people do when they go for sports there. You’ll see me playing polo, and there’s obviously beach parties, I mean you’re obviously going to see people, like you’re in St. Tropez, people go with their tops off at the beach; it’s not a big thing there. The sexiest thing about St. Tropez is the people all shapes and sizes, all ages, you know — they just own it. They’re not self-conscious, they’re confident, they’re comfortable with who they are, and you can see, like, there are women like seven years old with a tiny little bikini, and she just owns it. And I just found that extremely sexy, you know, to have women and guys where there’s no judgment. You can see why people go topless around there because there’s no one criticizing, no one’s going, ‘Oh my God!’ It’s like a different lifestyle.

Yeah, OK. Do you think that there was one person in specific that you can say is the most interesting and awesome person that you met while filming?

Hm! While filming? Ooh goodness! [laughs]

Jeez, I don’t even know. That’s a good question! I met so many people!

I would say there was one guy in Croatia — his name was Wolf — and there’s plenty of other people that I’ve met, but he’s the only one that just speaks up to me right now. He’s an older man who basically runs a bar in Croatia. He’s the guy who has a family, two kids, but like he just lives the life. Like, his kids are over at the beach club, which is like the biggest beach club in Croatia, and he tells you stories of life, and you just wonder when he turns off because this is his life, like nightclub, party scene. Like, he has stories from Studio 54!


So you can tell, like, I just thought when meeting him, ‘Wow, this guy must have so many stories!’ Because he just knew all the spots. He knew all the people, you know. When I met him, he probably didn’t go to bed till like 5 o’clock in the morning. It was one of those interesting people. But, there’s so many! I really couldn’t pick just one. Wolf, I guess, stands out, but there’s so many people that I met, everyone has an interesting story in each episode.

That’s really, really cool! OK, before you filmed this show, what would you say is the most awesome party that you had been to?

Before I filmed the show? Actually, that one I was telling you about, where my friends called me up and said, ‘Hey do you want to jump on a flight and come to Cannes?’ and I was in LA, I was free, so I said, ‘Yeah, OK!’ I have to say, the best party is when I spontaneously got a flight, took a red-eye out to NYC connecting to Cannes, France. It was a group of my friends, and we had a place in Antibes, and we ended up throwing a party at our house, but it led to a yacht party right on the harbor of Cannes, and it ended up being Roberto Cavalli’s yacht.

Oh my God! Wow.

Yeah, it was for film festival, so it was the who’s who, VIP exclusive party with every celebrity you can name. All of the beautiful, gorgeous models all in Cavalli, and obviously Roberto Cavalli was there — the sweetest, nicest man. But, yeah, that was a fun night where we ended up at Cavalli’s yacht, and we were there until the wee hours of the morning.

Wow, that’s insane.

It was fun! To be that spontaneous and to pick up all your stuff and just go — it seems exhausting. It seems like, ‘Oh, I don’t know if I want to do this, I’m only going to be there for a few days,’ but those are the stories in life that you’ll have, and you’ll always have in life those memories. And my thing is, create memories. You know, have memories, not things. It’s great to have both, but memories [are] what matter, and you can look back and say, ‘I remember that I was exhausted, but I still went and did it, and it was exhausting, but I had the time of my life, and I’ll always remember that!’

Yeah. That’s a really great philosophy to live by — that’s a good one!


Alright, well if you could meet any host or any person that does anything with the E! network, who would it be?

Who would it be? Well, I met Giuliana Rancic!

That’s who I was hoping you’d say! I love her.

[laughs] Yeah, I met her years ago, and she lived up to everything I had thought. She seemed like the nicest, sweetest person — so strong — and you know, obviously, with her stories and everything she just really touches me and watching her true life on E! and letting yourself open up to the world about all her stories and cancer and trying to have a child, I think she’s such a strong woman for that, and I commend her for all that she’s done, and I’ve always kind of looked up to her, she just seems like a true, honest, down to earth woman. Like I said, when I met her, it was everything I ever thought. It was great — she was so kind. She’s one of those people who remembers your name, even if it’s quick. She’s meeting people all the time, but when she talks to you, she’s in the moment, she’s there with you. I did an interview with her back when I did “Final Destination,” and she was so sweet.

It’s really good that she’s really like that in real life.

Yeah, I would also love to meet Brooke Burke! [laughs]

I want to know about her story when she was doing “Wild On.” That would be another one!

That’s a good one! OK, now I have some questions that some of your fans wrote in to us on Twitter and on Facebook — if you have time.

 Yeah, absolutely! Totally fine.

@anitacsegraves asks: “Are you coming back to ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ anytime soon?”

It’s still up in the air. I could possibly be going back. Like I said, I’ve always been open, and if my schedule is free, absolutely. Right now I don’t have a contract with them, but I’m very close with Brad Bell, and I’m very close with all the people on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Like, I’m not one to say that I would never come back because I absolutely love the crew, I love the actors, I love everybody on that show, so if scheduling works, I will definitely be back — for a few episodes.

For a few episodes?

Well, yeah. I’m not on contract right now, but to go back and forth, I would never say that I won’t do that again. People who do a soap and then walk away from it, they started my career, so I’m always grateful for that.

OK, @linehopemoore asks if you want to visit Sweden?

Absolutely! I would love to visit Sweden! That’s one place that I have not checked out and obviously I would love that. Obviously, my friends who are Swedish and who grew up there are gorgeous. Bitches. [laughs]

And they’re so sweet. They’re great people, and I hear the nightlife in Sweden is pretty crazy, so I would love to check that out!

OK, that’s really cool! @deedeedyn0mite asks: “What was your favorite place to eat?”

Ooh, that’s a good one! Well, obviously I loved Italian food, so for me, it was great. But I have to say that when I was in St. Tropez, we partied at a very, very cool, very exclusive supper club, and it looks like a jungle when you go in there, and people are wearing costumes, and there’s a back room where you can put on whatever you want, and I think the more you dress up, the crazier people become. But before that, you eat dinner, and the food was spectacular! I had a truffle pizza that night that was just unreal. So, Villa Romana supper club in St. Tropez was one of my favorites!

Wow, now I’m hungry [laughs].

[laughs] Me too!

OK, @x14june wants to know when you will return to Milan.

I was just in Milan! [laughs] I did a quick stop for fashion week, but I don’t know, Milan is one of my favorite cities. I’ve been there a few times — and for shopping, it’s the spot! So I guess when I need another Versace dress, I’ll be coming that way.

That’s a good excuse to definitely go that way.


OK, last question from your fans. @tami2205 wants to know what your next project will be, after “Party On.”

Once I got back from “Party On,” I literally slept for a week, and now I’m doing the whole detox thing, so I think that’s what I’m focused on right now and just gearing up and still doing the final touches for “Party On.” But right now, I’m more focused on the premiere date.

That’s awesome! Well, that is all I have for you — from both me and your fans.

[laughs] Well thank you so, so much!

Thank you so much for taking the time out to talk to me!