My Experience at BRINK

From the second that I was offered an internship with BRINK I knew that this whole experience wasn’t going to be like any other internship that I’ve had. And now, two semesters later, I can confidently say that it most definitely was a very different internship experience. Usually, interns are not trusted to do much ‘real work’; but BRINK was something completely different.

While at BRINK, I was able to really practice and work on all of the things that I want to do for the rest of my life, as a career while also learning and actually doing a few things that were completely new to me. I was able to really practice and become confident in my phone interviewing skills as at the very beginning of my internship I was a complete interviewing mess. I was also able to go to my very first press event with BRINK, obviously I was nervous at the very beginning but after a little while of loosening up and talking to a few people I ended up having a fantastic time! At BRINK, I was also in charge of writing this blog weekly which was great for me, I was able to let out the real ‘me’ and have people read it and even get some feedback.

It’s really rare for a person to find so much and gain so much within an internship so I can say that I am truly grateful for everything BRINK has given me and allowed me to do. It’s really something special to have a boss that becomes more of a mentor to you and really believes in you and pushes you to your full potential so for that, I am also extremely grateful. I really hope that after BRINK’s hiatus, I can be able to once again call myself a part of this team!

Thank you for tuning in each week and reading the blogs!

Until Next Time,

Arielle Ozery