New York Fashion Week Favorites

As the Fall 2013 Ready to Wear shows come to an end, I have been catching up on all the shows from the last two weeks. I’ve officially gone through the list and seen almost every fashion show that is listed on, and they were quite beautiful as always.

I always find that I have trouble adjusting to the fact that these looks are a whole season ahead. With spring just now starting to feel like it’s upon us, I found myself wanting less structured coats and more floral printed things. 

In a sea of houndstooth and leather, I managed to fall in love with five shows that were much more colorful and involved less layering. I think I may have a whole new set of favorite shows when it’s October, but for now these five brands made me ooh and ah.

1. Alice & Olivia: This brand is always a favorite, especially when it’s ready-to-wear season. Their looks are always girly with an edge, which I find suits my personal style.  The critics raved about her use of texture, and I completely agree. There’s wool, lace, leather and sometimes it's all in one look.


2. Erin Fetherston: This is another designer I always look for ever since I bought an Erin Fetherston for Target bunny dress years ago, and every season she astonishes me with her understanding of femininity.  Only two of her 32 looks had pants in them. The rest were dresses and skirts that would flatter every woman’s body.



3. J.Crew: One of my favorite things about J.Crew is that it’s so recognizable. You can see all these looks in the windows of the stores without even having been told what brand they are. The great thing about the show is that it spices up their classic look. They have the structure, the cardigans and the pencil skirts that J.Crew customers shop there for, but what they’re paired with is what's truly interesting.

4. ZAC Zac Posen: To be honest, I never knew there was another Zac Posen line until I saw this show. I was blown away by these effortless looks. The colors in this collection were stunning. The emerald, purple, and teal were my favorites. I feel like these colors are great for fall when black is such an easy color to resort to.  



5. Joie: I recently fell in love with this brand when I saw its ad in a magazine. I was immediately drawn to the effortless vibe. None of the looks require more than three or four pieces, but all look like something you’d want to be wearing when you were walking the streets of New York. 

I'd love to know what your favorite shows were. Comment here, and let me know!

- Kayla