The Oscars 2013 Best & Worst Dressed

Another award show, but this time movie stars were back on the red carpet. I have to say, I had pretty high expectations. Some stars exceeded these expectations donning new haircuts, flawless gowns, or breath-taking jewelry.

Others underwhelmed me with making predictable choices or by going a little too far from their normal look.  

Take a look at my picks here: 

Charlize Theron: From the moment I saw her, I knew she would be one of my favorites. Her new pixie cut combined with her stunning Christian Dior Haute Couture dress, Roger Vivier shoes, and Harry Winston Jewels to give her a powerful look. She looks beautiful and strong and, annoyingly, looks perfect with that haircut which for almost any other female would be very hard to pull off.

Eddie Redmayne: There’s always a man that I feel looks exceedingly striking in his black and white tuxedo, and this year Redmayne took the cake. Maybe it’s the fact that I know that he has a British accent as an accessory or that he paired it with those velvet loafers, but I just felt he looked dashing in his Alexander McQueen tux.

Jessica Chastain: My favorite part about her look was how much of a difference the red lipstick made. Without it, the dress would’ve been to close to her skin tone to stand out, but the lipstick seemed to pull it all together. She looked especially glamorous in that Armani Prive silk satin gown and those Harry Winston jewels.

Anne Hathaway: I’m sure everyone has an opinion on this Prada piece that Hathaway decided on last minute. The chest area was structured so strange that I couldn’t get past it when I watched it live. Looking at it now, I still feel underwhelmed by how plain the gown is, especially for such an important night in her career. 

Salma Hayek: This year she wore a velvet Alexander McQueen gown that had a very baroque looked to it and seemed far too old-fashioned for her. I felt the neck detailing was too constricting and that the tiara in her hair was juvenile. For someone who usually shows off her fantastic curves, it felt like she was attempting to hide them that night.

Lori Singer: This gown was my absolute least favorite. The mermaid style is never appealing to me, especially when it’s done so obnoxiously.  I was uncomfortable just seeing her in it, and how she was able to walk in it is beyond me! 

What were your favorite and least favorite Oscar looks?