Countdown to April/May Issue: Meet Jess

 Meet Jess James

What is your favorite part about what you do? The most rewarding moments come when it's evident that my time with someone in their closet for a style consult has inspired them to get excited about getting dressed again. There's nothing better than receiving an email hearing how many compliments they've received on the looks we've put together and how they've started experimenting from there.

How do you define passion? Passion stirs your soul and inspires you to take on each day with a smile.

Why does what you do matter? Since I moved to Wilmington from Philadelphia seven years ago, I've been driven to highlight and grow the fashion community here by bringing dynamic style-based events, highlighting regional designers and style arbiters with compelling content and making life-changing connections. I was in a meeting with a new client yesterday when she said, "I heard that everything Jess James touches turns to gold." If only a fraction of that statement is true, I hope that means I'm doing something right.

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