Countdown to April/May Issue: Meet Hannah

Meet Hannah Lynne

What is your favorite part about what you do? What intrigues me about styling hair and keeps me inspired is the ability to transform it into so many different textures. Viewing hair as a palette to create a smooth and sleek surface, or morph it into a disheveled, voluminous silhouette is definitely one of the favorite aspects of what I do!

How do you define passion? The inner force that keeps you inspired to keep doing your best and pushing yourself to do better. For me, it's the artistry of hair, whether it's styling, creating technical cuts or formulating color, all presents a unique challenge every time.

Why does what you do matter? Academics and book work was always my focus until after undergrad, so to now consider myself an artist drives my passion to keep learning, growing, and creating. Being a hair stylist challenges my personal drive to succeed, as well as provides a platform to empower clients to feel strong and beautiful. Of course I support beauty and strength coming from the inside, but there's a certain pump of pride that brightens someone's face with a new & improved look!

Look for Hannah's skills on display with Elizabeth Mitchell when the new issue debuts 3/25!