Five DIY Projects for Your Home

If you’re anything like me, you often want to update your home decor because looking at the same decorations for years can be quite unispiring. I have found five great ideas that could help spice up your home, but the best part about them is that they are all relatively cheap changes. DIY projects are great for  saving money, and they’re also great to do with friends or family on a Saturday afternoon.

1.    Cardboard tubes as wall storage: I’ve never seen this idea until today, but I love it. It would be great for a little niche in your room that you could use some wall decoration that’d double as storage. I also love it in the foyer like this photo show. Obviously, be careful what you decide to place in it, because I doubt they are super sturdy. Purses and scarves would be perfect for it though.

2.    Spray paint a doormat: I love this idea, because of how easy it is to customize. You can spray paint an image, such as this cute deer, or even words. Just pick out a stencil and make sure to cover the remaining mat if the stencil doesn’t before you start spraying the paint. My favorite idea for a doormat right now is “Nice Underwear”… in case you needed inspiration. :) 

3.    Recovered/repainted folding chairs: This is a fantastic idea for those of us who have old folding chairs lying around. Pick a color to spray paint them, and a coordinating fabric to go with is and you’re all set. These chairs are great for parties when you need extra seating or they can be even be used as decoration. Put them in your living room or bedroom and pile pretty coffee table books on top for a refreshing addition.

4.    Chalkboard paint/wallpaper: These two things can be used throughout the home to make a room more unique. You could use them subtly, like this photo shows by lining the inside of cabinet doors or by lining the complete back of an open bookshelf. You could also make huge changes by covering one wall of a room with either one.

5.    Framed Initial: There is a lot you can do with frames. Pairing them with pretty paper and keeping the glass can make for a pretty (not-so-white) board. You can write your grocery list on it or even a quote you like and stand it up on a shelf or counter. You could also leave out the glass and put a letter inside for a new wall piece.

What do you think of these ideas? What’s your favorite thing you’ve ever made for your home?