Be Yourself.


Ever since she was cast as Katniss, I have been majorly girl crushing on Jennifer Lawrence, and I highly doubt I’m the only one. In fact, I know I’m not the only one, because my friends and I may or may not be guilty of watching numerous Lawrence interviews for hours on end.  Also, I Googled “why Jennifer Lawrence is awesome” and there were 128 million results, so there’s that… 

There have been numerous articles out recently about why everyone loves her so much and wants to be her best friend, but I think the answer is rather obvious: she’s honest about herself.

Despite winning Best Actress, among numerous other awards this year, as well as being a character in an extremely popular movie series, Lawrence still remains so down-to-earth.

Celebrities often become so wrapped up in keeping their appearances that it can be hard for us “common folk” to relate. I find that I feel very unconnected to someone who keeps it together at something that should be nerve-wracking (i.e. the Academy Awards).  I have no idea what’s it’s like to always be graceful in designer gowns, and I certainly don’t understand the transition from a fan to being the star.

If a celebrity doesn’t let me into these little things or if their personality does a complete 180 when they’re on-camera, than let’s be honest… I’m not going to sympathize with you. I’m not going to forgive you when you do something imperfect, because you’ve made me feel like that’s completely below you.

 If you’re a saint on camera and act differently off, I’m just going to assume you’re fake, which I believe may be the most hated characteristic by all Americans.

So learn something from Jennifer, and be real, celebs. It’s in your best interest. Be yourself is sets a better example than being perfect and will certainly gain you more fans.

Here are some links to my favorite videos of Lawrence being Lawrence (flawlessly):

What do you think about the way celebrities should act on camera? 

I'd love to know!

- Kayla