Favorite Pinterest Accounts

I’m sure it is obvious from all my blog posts that I’m a huge fan of Pinterest. It is one of my favorite social media sites, and I probably spend far too much time on it.

 Over time I have come to follow some really great accounts that I always look forward to seeing pop up on my page. Here are some of favorites of the 235 I follow:

 1.     Pinner: mrs. French*

Favorite board: the great outdoors

One of their pins:

 2.     Pinner: enjoy events co.

Favorite board: DIY

One of their pins: 

3.     Pinner: Madewell

Favorite board: pattern, print, repeat

One of their pins:

4.     Pinner: Julie Wijckmans

Favorite board: Flower Power

One of their pins:


 5.     Pinner:  BRINK Magazine

Favorite board: We Love This

One of their pins: 

6.     Pinner: Eva Morell

Favorite board: maps, maps, maps

One of their pins:


7.     Pinner: Free People

Favorite board: Celebrate

One of their pins:

Which accounts are your favorites?

- Kayla