Summer Gifts

I feel like all I’ve mentioned in these blog posts is summer, but with only 1 ½ more weeks of school, it’s all I can think about, so please excuse it!

This week, I was thinking about one of my favorite parts of summer: my birthday. My friends and family have been constantly urging me to tell them what I want for my birthday, so I finally created a list. 

I thought this list might be helpful for any of you, ladies, who have summer birthdays or are just looking for something new to splurge on. It also can work for men looking to buy their significant others a gift or for any other friend that’s not so straightforward about what they want.


1. Heritage Sleeve for MacBook: $44.99;

2. Monogrammed Mug: $6;

3. “Krista” Stripe Super Skinny Jeans: $154;

4. Minnetonka Kilty suede Moccasins:  $39.95;

5. Blossom case: $34.99;

6. Hunter rain boots: $135;

7. Twisted Arrow Ring: $10;

8. Walton Weekender Bag: $100;

9. New York City Print: $40;

I’d love to know what’s on your wish list! Comment here and let me know if there’s a bag you’ve been dying to purchase or a watch you’ve had your eye on for years. 

- Kayla