Summer Essentials

Recently, I've been trying to narrow down my long list of summer clothes that I desperately want to what I desperately need. I've gone through magazines and found many trendy items I hope to purchase for the season, but in my head I know that the very basics would get me through and should probably be what I purchase first. 

I have narrowed down my personal, summer essentials for both men and women. I hope they help you narrow down your list too! 


1. Maxi dress: Find the perfect maxi dress that you could wear every day and every night. This dress should be in the color and shape that's most flattering to you. If you really want to get some versability out of it pick a neutral color that could be paired with bright scarves, dangly earrings and floral headbands. That way you can switch up the way you wear it every time. 

2. Loose V-neck: Never underestimate the power of a V-neck. It's easy to wear and can be slimming if you pick the right fit. Again, V-necks can be paired with different accessories each time. The great thing about a plain tee like this is that you pair it with every pattern under the sun. Tuck it into a floral skirt or pair it with striped pants if you dare.

3. High-waisted denim shorts: Again, the options are endless with a distressed pair such as these. They are perfect for beach days with a bikini and a crop top, but can look just as great with a lace shirt and flats. These look best in the day though, so I wouldn't recommend them for a dinner date or anything of that sort. 

4. Colorful sandals: Your accessories for summer get to be far more daring than usual, so try new colors for sandals and be prepared to wear them like you'd wear you favorite black ones. I love this turquoise color for summer. It looks great with everything. 

5. Swimsuit: It's imperative that you find the best suit for you. I recommend picking a day that you're comfortable and feeling good about yourself to devote entirely to bathing suit shopping. Try on different styles and colors so you can be sure to find the one that makes you feel like a Victoria Secret model. 

6. Aviators: Nothing says the beach like a pair of aviators! Trade your more structured shades for these and you'll feel instantly more summery.

7. Striped tank: This last pick is another basic piece that can be incoporated into any outfit effortlessly. Try it with every skirt, shorts and pants you own to see where it works. If you need a place to start, I love black and white stripes with mint pants and light brown sandals.  


1. Chambray shirt: Denim is not just for pants! Chambray shirts are an easy summer piece. Layer them over tees during the day and button them up and pair them with black jeans at night.

2. Leather watch: Leather watches are great, because they are more casual. They're perfect for everyday wear, but look especially nice next to a gingham button down.

3. Aviators: Again, these are the shades that say "summer" to me. They also say "Top Gun" when on a man, so that's always a plus. 

4. Classic bathing suit: Trade in your Bud Light bathing suits for one of a more classic style. Stripes or even just a bold color look great and don't look silly when worn strolling the streets before a beach trip. 

5. Casual khakis: Khakis are not just for church and work. Pair this relaxed pair with anything you'd pair with your jeans. They look good with both the tops pictured here as well as anything that brightly colored. 

6. Sneakers: Find a pair of comfortable sneakers that can also be used for non-sporting activies such as these Vans. That way they can be worn both during the day or night. 

7: Loose tee in new color: We know you probably own black, white and gray, but try a different color such as this olive to use as a new basic. Avoid shirts that are the material of undershirts. Instead invest a little more into the silky smooth shirts that look and feel much better. 

What are your favorite summer essentials?

- Kayla