Meet Arielle! New BRINK Intern Extraordinaire!

Hi, everyone!

I’m Arielle Ozery, a rising senior and Interpersonal/Organizational communication major at the University of Central Florida. I am in love with music and pop culture and I have been for as long as I can remember. A few years ago, I decided that not only am I passionate about it, but that I want to make a career out of it!


I began reading music and pop culture magazines along with watching E! News like it was my job and became more and more passionate about it.  Although I do love today’s music, my favorite music to listen to and read about will always be the music of the 60’s (I have quite the unhealthy obsession with The Beatles, Sir Paul in particular). I guess I’m somewhat of an old soul.

In college, I have interned for a few different publications, had my articles published, and have become immersed in the magazine world.  I absolutely love the rush that I get from seeing my name at the bottom of something that I have written and I don’t think that will ever get old.

Last summer, I had the absolute pleasure of living and interning in New York City. I immediately fell in love with every little thing that the city has to offer. It is the most wonderfully unique place that I have ever been to. While in NYC, I also fell in love with the theater. I really believe that watching a theatrical production is one of the most magical things in the world. I really believe that theater performers are the most talented actors and actresses that there are. I can definitely say that, to me, NYC is the most magical place on earth. I hope to one day be able to live and be a part of the city that never sleeps. 


For now, I plan on chasing my dreams in whichever way I can! I am extremely excited to start learning and being a part of BRINK this semester; I absolutely love the publication and I’m so excited to be able to be a part of it!

Until next time,

- Arielle Ozery