Actors: Who they play vs. who they really are

We all do it, we watch a movie or a TV show and we assume that the person that portrays the ‘bad’ or ‘evil’ person must actually be that way when they’re not acting. This doesn’t just go for the person that plays the bad character; even those that play the saintly, virginal characters get this kind of bias. It’s not our fault that we think this way, I guess all actors are just spectacular at their craft….or are they? Is it that they’re all very good actors or that some specific characters just come a little bit too easy to them? Well, here are a few of today’s actors and a little bit more about the characters they play and who they really are.


Reese Witherspoon, Elle Woods: Ms. Witherspoon is definitely known as one of today’s American sweethearts. Although she has had so much success and has been in tons of different films as a variety of different characters, the one she is most well-known for is her fantastic portrayal of ditz-turned-lawyer Elle Woods. Elle is very fun and extremely popular character that Reese Witherspoon portrayed flawlessly. So, is it just that Ms. Witherspoon is a great actress or is the character of Elle Woods something she can relate to a little bit too much? In this case, Reese prevails and is just a great actress. When she isn’t acting, Reese Witherspoon is a loving mother and wife with a bit of a wild side. Earlier this year, Reese Witherspoon and her husband Jim Toth were arrested for a DUI and disorderly conduct. Unlike most celebrities today, Reese handled this situation with the grace and respect that we all really wanted to see. She went on a plethora of talk shows and publicly apologized profusely, she even called up the police officer that arrested them and apologized for the things that she said and the way that she acted. Reese Witherspoon has proven time and time again that she really does deserve the title of America’s Sweetheart and really is the respectful, graceful, and just all around wonderful woman that we want her to be.

Reese Witherspoon's interview where she discusses her arrest:

Jim Parsons, Sheldon Cooper: Recently, I caught up on every single episode of the Big Bang Theory, and like most of America my favorite character is Sheldon Cooper. I cannot get enough of his antics, I love the way he says things, I love the way he thinks, and I love that he really doesn’t know how to act in a way that’s socially acceptable but he does whatever he pleases anyway. I found myself wondering who Jim Parsons really is. Is he really the lunatic that I see on TV? The answer I got was little bit complicated, yes he is like Sheldon but at the same time, no, he is nothing like that character. How weird right? You’d think that with a character like that, it’s all or nothing. Well, the way in which Mr. Parsons is like Sheldon really lies in his voice, he actually does talk like that! But, on the other hand Jim Parsons is not into all of the science, video games, and science fiction movies that Sheldon is obsessed with. Another interesting fact about Jim Parsons is that he is actually trained in Shakespearean acting; he is extremely good at his craft and unlike most of today’s actors, doesn’t play any games. He recently starred in Broadway’s adaptation of the popular movie Harvey. Not many actors that aren’t as good at their craft would be able to pull off a Broadway performance every night and twice on weekends. Jim Parsons is also ridiculously hilarious and very intelligent, but not in the science field like Sheldon, he has said many times that he doesn’t even understand much of what he is saying on the show. Which makes him all the more relatable, and extremely loveable (to me at least).

Mayim Bialik, Amy Farrah Fowler: Another one of my favorite Big Bang characters! She plays it so well, it’s hard to say that she really isn’t like Amy in her ‘real life’. Well, you are one lucky reader because I happen to have the Mayim inside. I have been fortunate enough to see Mayim Bialik speak twice, and let me tell you, it’s quite the treat. I learned so many fun things about her life as well as how she gets along with her cast mates. The thing that I found most interesting about her is how religious she is. Yes, she’s a part of my tribe, she is Jewish! The first time I saw her speak, she said that she had never actually seen an episode of the Big Bang Theory and that in between takes she would go back to her dressing room and study Torah (The Bible). I thought that was extremely interesting, mainly because she hadn’t seen her own talent at work. The one way in which Mayim is like Amy is she is actually a neuroscientist, before she was an actor she studied and became a neuroscientist. I believe that this is the only real similarity between the two; Mayim is extremely relatable, very funny, and obviously very intelligent. Fun fact about Mayim: she writes a blog for the website, which I read, and she gives a fun behind-the-scenes look at the different scenes from Big Bang and also gives an insight into her Jewish life and family (which I love). One last fun-fact, she and Jim Parsons are actually very good friends in real life! See just a glimpse of their friendship in the interview posted below!

Mayim Bialik & Jim Parsons Interview: 

Bob Saget, Danny Tanner: Yup, I am a 90’s child and this is my favorite actor vs. character. Bob Saget played the very cleanly and loveable dad on the hit show Full House. Although he did do a great job of portraying Danny Tanner, Bob Saget is the FARTHEST thing from the loveable, polite father that he played so well. Warning: If you really do love the show, reading on will affect your views of the entire show and might even ruin it for you, so read on at your own risk. In reality, Mr. Saget is extremely vulgar and disgusting. I was surprised to find this out for myself, but then I took to reading his Twitter posts. I’m not yet sure if that was a good or bad idea, but I definitely had somewhat of a good laugh. Bob Saget is obscene, he is a pro at the ‘dirty jokes’ and isn’t afraid to publicly show it. Personally, I think he’s hilarious, I love seeing the extreme contrast between him and his character. I’ve even read a few things about his time on Full House that said that Saget was reprimanded plenty of times for being crude around the young girls that were in the cast.

Here is a link to Bob Saget’s Twitter account, again, read at your own risk:

Well, there you have it; there are all kinds of actors out there and some of them portray their characters better than others but, they all put a little bit of themselves into each role that they play. It is definitely interesting to look at TV shows and movies that you love and discover the real people behind the characters that you like to watch. I don’t know about you, but the lesson that I learned here is that if I’m ever confronted by Bob Saget, I’ll tell a dirty joke to get on his good side.

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Arielle Ozery