The Best TV Shows for the Modern Nerd

If you turn on the television and start flipping through the channels, more often than not everything you come across will be pure crap TV. Our generation is very much known for enjoying really awful television programs such as the Real Housewives on Bravo, 16 and Pregnant on MTV, and of course The Jersey Shore. I hate to say it, but I too am a part of the Jersey Shore following and I honestly couldn’t give you a good reason as to why I am. Recently, I’ve decided to broaden my television horizons and look for shows that I could watch and enjoy all while ridding myself of the fear that my brain is slowly melting away. Here are two of my favorite television shows for those of us who are tired of the crap TV.

Big Bang Theory              


Since its release, The Big Bang Theory has become one of today’s most popular television shows. And hey, I can’t say I’m surprised the show has literally everything that anyone would want; it’s hilarious, there’s always some kind of romantic element, and it’s even educational. Personally, I was 100% hooked after watching the first episode. I thought the whole premise of the show was absolutely hilarious! I love how the show is centered around a group of nerds and their lives. I really like how different the show is from just about anything I have ever seen on television; usually if the show was to be centered around a group of friends, it would never have been a group of nerds. My favorite friendship duo from the show is definitely Sheldon and Leonard. I love the way that they interact with one another, I love that Sheldon really is a total condescending ass but he when it comes to Leonard he definitely has a soft spot. Another thing that I really love about the group of friends on this show is that it includes Penny. When you first meet Penny, she is the typical girl next door (literally) but as the show goes on you learn all of the different facets that make up the beautiful, funny, and sassy girl that ends of being an integral part of the group. I really like that Penny is part of the group because that is just another thing that sets this show apart from any other television show I have ever heard of. I don’t really know of any show where the beautiful girl would choose to become part of a group of friends like the one on Big Bang. Not only does Penny become friends with Leonard and his gang, but she also ends up falling in love with him and developing a really beautiful yet comical relationship. Although I really do love each and every one of the characters on the show and I really can’t get enough of their relationships and their antics, my absolute favorite character is Amy Farrah Fowler. I can’t get enough of her, she’s hysterical. If you’ve read many of my other blogs, you know that I am obsessed with Mayim Bialik, not just because she is a kick ass Amy Farrah Fowler but also because she’s also a kick ass human being! If you’re looking for a show that is definitely a little bit out of the box and a lot different than all the crap TV, this is the first show you should watch!

Warehouse 13


When I was first told about this show, my first question was ‘wait, how come I’ve never heard of this before; what channel is it on?’. When I found out that the show was on the Syfy channel, I was anything but excited to watch the first episode. I never thought that a person like me, who watches E! News and all of that jazz would enjoy anything that is shown on the Syfy channel. Well, that was a prime example of why our generation needs to open up their minds just a little bit. There’s no reason why a person who watches E! News shouldn’t be able to enjoy anything on the Syfy channel. Now that you understand that the show is on the Syfy channel and that it DEFINITELY shouldn’t scare you away I’ll tell you why it’s one of the most awesome shows I’ve ever seen. The premise of the show is that two secret agents have been chosen to work for Warehouse 13. Their job, at the warehouse, is to find and recover ‘artifacts’ from all over the world. Some examples of artifacts that are at the warehouse are Walt Disney’s pen, that brings anything that it draws into an animated life, Pandora’s box, and Sylvia Plath’s typewriter. In the short time that I have been watching the show, it has become one of my absolute favorites! I have even found myself wishing that I would one day get selected to be a part of the Warehouse team, much like when I was eleven years old and upset that Hogwarts did not send me a letter. The relationships and friendships in this show are also a part of why the show is so fantastic. The two secret agents, Pete and Myka, at first were not the biggest fans of each other but have become best friends and I’m secretly hoping that they end up falling in love. The Warehouse team is a pretty small one that consists of a few extremely funny and quirky members that all get along so well and are an absolute joy to watch. The man who is ‘in charge’ of the Warehouse is Artie, he plays a somewhat father figure to some of the Warehouse agents along with also having a role as a really good friend. I love him, I think he’s great! He’s funny, he’s super smart, he’s also such a klutz and a doofus but that’s all what makes him so wonderful. I can tell you over and over again how incredible the show is and how much you would love it but you won’t even really know that half of it unless you turn it on and watch it for yourself!


Well, if you find yourself watching all of the crap on television and are ready for a change go and watch either one of these shows and I promise you’ll be super happy that you did! Happy watching!

Until Next Time,

Arielle Ozery