Four Issues of BRINK in 2015

The past year has given me enough time to reflect on the magazine in 2015. I've learned quite a bit from putting the magazine on hiatus and discovering what others are doing in the industry. I've been inspired and motivated. I've been watching names and looking at people making moves in different industries. Now, it's time to put them into the magazine.

In the new year, the magazine will focus on four seasonal issues. Each will be bigger than any previous issue and each will have more purpose. There will be more of a reason for each interview. The magazine's soul purpose has always been, "how did you do that?" and we'll strengthen that mission. 

We have a fresh new logo and we'll have a new issue out in time for spring. Each issue will be limited edition. Only a certain amount will be ordered. Once they're gone, they're gone. Each issue will have flat rate cost and all forthcoming issues will cost the same. 

I'm excited to share this new vision with you. I hope you feel the shift and it inspires you to live your best life and be the best you can be. 

- Kyle, Founding Editor