The Girls Arrive February 4, 2015

A new issue of the magazine will be out February 4, 2015. Taking a year off from producing BRINK gave me, as an editor, a greater insight into the publications purpose. I'll be editing with a "less is more" approach and nixing fluff. There are a great deal of magazines that handle reviews, new media releases and gossip. BRINK is going to stick to what BRINK does best and that's highlight people making things happen. More stories, interviews and editorials that have integrity, value and merit and leave you inspired, intrigued and asking questions. 

The new issue is themed "girls." It features all girls and is written and photographed by all girls. It's a concept to provide you with stories and thoughts that leave you wanting more and championing those that are making it happen. You are going to love it. I promise. 

They'll be four issues this year. One each season. The new issues will look a little different compared to past issues. The issue will be available at a few shops in the United States and online - print and digital. I want the issue to be your keepsake, collectors item - something that you can look back on for advice, knowledge and power. It's on sale now for pre-order

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If you want to collaborate, write, photograph, draw - email me: Accepting submissions, chatting and happy to say hello. 

See you soon,

Kyle Menard 
Founding Editor