DIY: Mason Jars

My recent quest to decorate my new pad, has brought me back to my DIY roots. As you may have noticed, mason jars have been popping up everywhere — from restaurant barware to office storage — and I've jumped on the bandwagon. Although my new place is nothing short of awesome, it is lacking a pantry...and kitchen storage in general. I needed a storage solution, both practical and aesthetically pleasing. I immediately thought of the mason jar trend, so I pulled out my trusty chalkboard paint and got to work. These are the steps I followed:

1. Cut two cardboard toilet paper rolls in half (sans toilet paper, of course). These will be your stands or placeholders for the lids to dry. 


2. Remove the flat, inner lid of the mason jar from the the other components and set aside. You will only need the flat lids for this project.

3. Mix your chalk paint WELL. This is extremely important. If the paint is not mixed well, you will have a really hard time getting a smooth finish.

4. Paint! Make sure to read your chalk paint instructions thoroughly, as some directions may vary. In general, you will want to do 2–3 coats, allowing 30 minutes or so of drying time between coats. 

5. Place the lids on your short, cardboard stands (toilet paper rolls) and allow to dry. The paint will be dry to the touch after only a couple hours. But keep in mind that you need to allow a couple of days before writing on your new chalky surface.

6. After 2 or 3 days, it's time to cure your chalk "board." Rub a piece of chalk (lengthwise) across the entire surface. Wipe clean, and you are ready to go! Reassemble your mason jar lids and fill with anything your heart desires! 


And as always, we love to see what you guys have come up with. So share your DIY pics with us too — we might just post some of our favs. 

- Jackie Carr