Happy First Day of Summer!

The first day of summer not only marks a rise in the heat index, but a desire - a need - for America's favorite past time: consuming copious amounts of ice cream of course! Let us invite you back six months to a time when Diana Hardeman of MilkMade Ice Cream graced our cover and told her entrepreneurial story of she started her hand-crafted ice cream business from the city that never sleeps. Get your 'scream on.

Photo by Ari Scott Words by Anais Vaillant

When we asked for a bit of advice for the beginner entrepreneur, Diana advised, “Get good at making decisions. In a startup, or as a small business owner, you are faced with hundreds of decisions every day. Get good at making quick decisions about the small stuff so you don’t experience decisions fatigue for the big ones.” The logistics behind creating a hand-delivered ice cream business is intense, however, strong support, confidence in risk-taking, and loving what you do makes anything possible. Like MilkMade, sometimes business concepts that have never been done reveal the greatest rewards. Selling something the majority loves also helps. “An ice cream of the month club that crafts the best ice cream that you’ve ever had in flavors that you’ve only dreamt of. Then we send out fleet of enthusiastic Milkmaids to hand-deliver pints right to your door. Pretty easy sell,” states Diana.

December 2012/January 2013 issue

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